Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finding Kinship With Serbia and Iowa:

An Interview with Kristina Bogdanov and Jeff Nilan
about their exhibition at the City Art Center

The show is called PAPER. What discoveries did you make about the medium of paper?

JEFF: I discovered that paper is stronger than it looks, especially when it is woven, or made into a three dimensional structure.

KRISTINA: Paper for me has some qualities like clay. It can be quite malleable, yet very light compared to clay pieces. The very long ladders were made out of edges of printmaking paper I’d collected over the years and did not want to throw away nor draw on, so I used them as a building structure, trying to reference the layers of fiber in wood.

How did your collaboration come about?

KRISTINA: We sort of always wanted to make a show together, even with our traditional mediums -- I use a lot of photographic transfers on clay, and he wanted to cast in porcelain some wood pieces. It just happened that we did the paper show first, because we both love the paper medium so much. Even though we were not in contact about the show for almost two months during the summer, we both just worked on our pieces and it was amazing --almost shocking--that the work we created was so close and connected.

JEFF: Kristina and I have always responded to each other’s work. We feel a kinship in relation to the colors, surface textures, and patina of rural vernacular structures. Traveling with Kristina and her family to Serbia a few years ago, she and I found that we were often responding to the same things. I was able to relate a lot of what I was seeing to the things I am familiar with in rural Iowa. I think it was at that time that we began talking about having a show together.

What advice do you have for an artist who wants to experiment with making art in a style/
medium/genre outside of their traditional background?

JEFF: I hesitate to give advice to other artists, but would imagine that if they have an itch to try something outside of their comfort zone, eventually they will probably need to scratch it.

KRISTINA: I really have one piece of advice: just make it happen, do it, follow your interest and instincts. I do not think a master is determined by the medium, rather he/she chooses and fits the mediums to the vision and expression. I paint, print, and sculpt with both paper and clay, so it is really what I am interested in as a theme, as a subject matter that occupies me to resolve or tell a story about, the mediums just sort of come along.

To hear more and ask questions, come out for Kristina and Jeff’s informal Artist Talk on Friday, September 28 at 7pm. City Art Center is located at 22 E. Winter Street in downtown Delaware.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring 2012 Work Day!

Please Join Us at the City Art Center on Saturday, March 31 
for our Spring Work Day from 10am until 5pm!
The CAC is in much need of a Face Lift!
Please Pitch in and help make one of Delaware's Community Art Centers even more awesome!  A few hours of your time and a little elbow grease will only make you (and us) feel better! Work all day or we'll be grateful for even a couple of hours of your time!

The Plan: 
Bathroom Renovation (the plumbing is already done): Knock out a wall, build a new wall, install door and light fixture.
Painting: lots of Painting!
Exterior Door Installation
Cleaning: spiderwebs, shop vaccing...
Some Small Construction Projects
Organizing: tools, supplies, etc.
Creating a Community Info Wall
Prepping for next show

Two ways you can help us:
  • Show up for a few hours (or all day) to help out
    • We could probably use some extra tools & Large Shop Vac if you can loan...
  • DONATE! 
    • In-Kind Donations are welcome and appreciated! Click Here for Wish List
    • Donate Snacks, Beverages, and Lunch food items for the volunteers.
    • We can use some financial support for this project, any little bit helps! Donate Easily with PayPal or stop by the CAC during gallery hours (Fri. 4-7pm & Sat. 2-7pm)

Let us know you are coming by checking in on our Facebook Event Page!
We greatly appreciate our community and volunteers!  We wouldn't be here without you!

Be Creative Today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's Been Popping Up at the CAC?

This month, we are hosting a brilliant exhibition of photographs created in collaboration by two local individuals: Photographer Steve Leibrand and Strand Theatre Manager Kara Long!
The focus of this display are the hidden places and objects within the Historic Strand Theatre, a prospering non-profit movie theater that has been operating in Delaware, Ohio since 1916!  Kara and Steve set out to capture the beauty, the folklore, and the history of the theater with the exhibition:
Strand Theatre: Scenes from Behind the Screen!

Kara Long & Steve Leibrand During a Photo Shoot in the Strand Theatre.  Photos by Harry Pape.
Come in during our gallery hours (Fridays 4-7pm & Saturdays 2-7pm) to see this spectacular show!  In addition to the elegantly executed photographs, on display are artifacts that showcase moments throughout the Strand's long-running history.  See the beautifully restored Film Projector from the 1920's along with instruction manuals from decades ago and an old film splicer, plus much more!

The Opening Reception on First Friday was a popping success :)
Free Popcorn was Served at the Opening Reception Compliments of the Strand Theatre!
Former Strand Mgr Ben Geary with Current Strand Mgr Kara Long.  Mr. Geary began working at the Strand Theatre in 1948! The two are standing next to a projector once used in the theater in the 1920's.
To Purchase your very own Strand Theatre Photographic Prints: 
Contact Kara J. Long at strandtheatreart@yahoo.com 
or purchase in person at the City Art Center
To View the Works that are for Sale, Please Visit:

Photographs are all Printed on High Quality Archival Paper
Unframed 8x10" & 8x12" Prints only $20
Unframed 11x14" & 11x17" Prints going for just $30
Large Framed Pieces range from $300-$350
We recommend that you stop by to see the work in person, the photos are truly lovely!
Proceeds benefit both Non-Profit Organizations: The Strand Theatre and the City Art Center

Your Purchases and/or Donations are appreciated!
More Photos of the First Friday Event on Facebook!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The ReStore Art Challenge!

Guidelines for the ReStore Art Challenge
City Art Center in Partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Delaware, Ohio

Where: City Art Center, 22 E. Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio
When: April 6 – 28, 2012; Opening Reception: First Friday, April 6
Entry Form Download Here
The premise for the exhibition is to highlight sustainable practices in art making as well as to promote the efforts of the Habitat for Humanity in Delaware County.  Eight artists/artist groups will be selected from the Central Ohio region. The selected artists will demonstrate their ability to repurpose materials to created unique works of art with images of their past works as well as a submitted artist statement.  The selected artists will be awarded a $50 voucher from the Delaware Restore to obtain materials to be used in 1-3 new works created specifically for the ReStore Art Exhibition.  Note: The Delaware ReStore is the only participating ReStore.

The Exhibition will be juried.  Prize amounts as follows:
Best of Show: $250
First Place: $100
A “People’s Choice” award will be determined by votes from City Art Center visitors and that amount will be based on visitor donations.  

The artwork must be for sale; the proceeds will be given as follows:
25% for Habitat for Humanity, Delaware County
25% for City Art Center
50% for the artist

The perimeters for the artists to work with as far as creating the artwork are:
  • 85% of the artwork should be constructed from materials obtained at the ReStore or repurposed materials.  
  • There is no limit on size or dimension (2D or 3D).  
  • The work should be developed with high level of craftsmanship and concept is significant.
  • Collaborations or “Teams” are welcome and encouraged.  
  • The works need to be completed and installed for the April 6 Opening Reception at the City Art Center.  
  • The tools to complete the work are completely the responsibility of the individual artists.
  • The installation is also the responsibility of the artists.
  • The artwork should be a response to the theme of the exhibition
The theme of the exhibition is Shelter.  Shelter is a broad term that can be interpreted in many ways.  We think of a home as a shelter, but also it can be a cover that protects one from danger or weather, or even perhaps a haven.  The word “shelter” is a jumping off point for the creative process in this project.  

Selected artists will be notified by Monday, March 5 and will have ONE MONTH to complete the work for the ReStore Art Show which opens Friday, April 6, 2012.

Contact:  Jessi Walker,
    Director, City Art Center
               Email: artcompartment@gmail.com

ReStore Art Entry Fee
Artist/Team Name

Check us out on Facebook for the latest on what's happening at the CAC!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sneak Peak

Our current exhibit of collections is a huge hit this month.  So many interesting collections to examine and the installation of the show is just exquisite!  Thanks a million to curator, Emily Staugaitis for putting the show together!

Come by the gallery to check out this exhibit while there is still time.  
exaltation of larks: collecting collections is running through Saturday, February 25. 
Gallery hours are Fridays, 4-7pm & Saturdays 2-7pm. 
For more information about the exhibition read the Curatorial Statement Here!

Aside from the curious visitors that have been wandering in over the last 2 weeks, the CAC also hosted Jonathon Quick's OWU Sculpture Class last week for a gallery visit!  Thanks goes out to Prof. Quick and his class for taking time to check out our exhibit.  
Below are some photos from the show, but as always we have more posted on our Facebook Page!

Coming in March:

The Strand Theatre: Scenes from Behind the Screen!

This show promises to be fascinating to Delaware Residents, History Buffs, Movie Fanatics, Ghost-Hunters, and everyone in between!  
Strand Theater Manager and Archivist, Kara Long along with Local Photographer, Steve Leibrand take us on an expedition of the shadows and hidden places within the Strand Theater that you don't get with a movie ticket.
The Opening Reception for this Photographic Exhibition is:
  6-9pm, First Friday, March 2  
Free Popcorn!!!

Let us know you're coming,
Check in on our Facebook Event Page!

More detailed Info about our ReStore Art Challenge coming VERY soon!!!
Click here for:

Friday, January 27, 2012

Interesting Things Are Piling Up at the CAC!

We are so excited to host our upcoming exhibit 
curated by Emily Staugaitis: 
exaltation of larks
collecting collections
This show is an investigation of objects collected by individuals, many of which are artists.  Please Join us for the month of February to see what others have been accumulating!
The Opening Reception is from 6-9pm on First Friday, February 3, 2012 
Let us know you're coming by checking in with our Facebook Event Page

You can still be a part of the Show!
collect anything?

 Please share:
Send a photo of your collection & brief story about why or how you started collecting to be displayed on our community wall during the exhibition.  
Please include your name! 
Deadline: Wed. Feb. 1
Mail:   City Art Center   
                     22 East Winter Street
                      Delaware, Ohio 43015
Email: collectingcollections@gmail.com
*photos can not be returned unless a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope is enclosed

The City Art Center is also participating in the February First Friday Chocolate Walk!  For more info about how to buy tickets so you can collect chocolates go to the Main Street Delaware website. Click Here.

More Upcoming Events at the City Art Center: 

The Strand Theatre: Scenes from Behind the Screen
March 2 - 31, 2012
Photographer Steve Leibrand and Strand Theatre Archivist Kara Long have combined their talents to bring you the first ever photographic expedition of hidden and forgotten treasures of the Historic Strand Theatre. They will show you places behind the screen that have been dark for many years.

Join them for an Opening Night Gallery reception on Friday, March 2, 2012, 6:00-9:00p.m, at the City Art Center located two doors down from the Strand Theatre. Artwork will be for sale with proceeds benefiting both Non-Profits, Strand Theatre and City Art Center.  
And Yes....There will be popcorn!

ReStore Art
April 6 - 28, 2012

The City Art Center is teaming up with another local non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity Delaware to present a display of sustainable art created by area artists.  

The selected artists will be challenged to make work using approximately 90% of their materials obtained from the ReStore in Delaware!  Information about how to participate will be posted very soon, so stay tuned!  This will be a juried exhibition with a cash prize!  
Artwork will be for sale, proceeds will be divided between the Artists, Habitat for Humanity Delaware, and City Art Center! 

Opening Reception from 6-9pm, First Friday, April 6, 2012
Winners will be announced at 7:30pm at the Opening Reception!

In conjunction with this exhibit: Red Panty Crafts will be sponsoring a Fashion Runway Show during the month of April at the CAC, displaying hand-crafted art-as-clothing made from repurposed digs.  Don't miss this Event!  More info soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Collecting Collections!

collect anything?  If so…
We’d love for you to display your collection in our next exhibition:
exaltation of larks
collecting collections

Objects of any kind welcome. The more interesting, the better.
Submission information:
Please email a photo or two of your intriguing collection with a brief (1 paragraph) description of what you collect and why.  (what about this object interests you? How did you start collecting these objects? How many do you have?  How long have you been collecting? etc.)
Please send photo & description by Saturday, January 21, 2012 to be considered for the exhibition.  
Some collections may be very valuable or too large to show in the gallery, so your collection might be displayed in our “photos of collections” exhibit area.  Please specify to us if you are submitting for photo only so we know!
Accepted collectors will be notified by email Wednesday, January 25
The drop-off day for collections is from 2-7pm Saturday, January 28 at the City Art Center, located at 22 East Winter Street in Delaware, Ohio.  The CAC is two doors west of the Strand Theater.
The Exhibition will run from Friday, February 3 – Saturday, February 28, 2012.  Pick-up will occur the week following the close of the show, dates & times will be posted in February.
There will be an Opening Reception on the First Friday, February 3 from 6-9pm.
Gallery Hours currently are Fridays 4-7pm & Saturdays 2-7pm

Stay tuned for more opportunities to be a part of some very exciting exhibitions at the CAC this year.  For example: In April, we will be presenting ReStore Art in which 6 artists will be selected to create art using materials from the ReStore Delaware.   June's exhibit will involve artists working with area businesses to make art in response to various professions in Provocation.  Calls for Entries with more details will be posted asap!