Friday, October 14, 2011

What Are YOU Afraid of?

Things have been moving along at the City Art Center as we are always striving to exhibit challenging and thought-provoking art in the City of Delaware! We are planning out the next several months and hope that you will continue to stop in to see what's going on. Also, come by and give us some feedback as well as sign up to get involved! We can use your help and support! Our Gallery Hours are currently: Fridays 4-7pm & Saturdays 2-7pm.

Our current exhibition is "What Are You Afraid Of?" and is running through the end of the month. We had a great turn out last week at First Friday! So many people contributed to our "What Are You Afraid Of? Wall as you can see below! Some really interesting fears!

Our Featured artists are:
David Senecal
Jacob Eden
Janet Grissom
Kristin Drake
Here are some shots of the space, but you should really stop by and see it yourself!

We are planning to have a closing party (costumes welcome!) on the evening of Saturday, October 29. More details will be posted soon as they become clear. Hope you can make it.

What's up next? You ask...

...Well, just in time for the family-focused, feasting month of November,
none other than
The Talented and Fabulous Artist: Jenny Fine!

The Saddest Day, number 5.

Artist Statement: Jenny Fine
I photograph my family. Through the lens of my camera, the landscape of the family farm and the interiors of our homes become a stage on which our costumed bodies perform tenderness. Over time, the camera has become a tool for facilitating intimacy between my family and me; a way of expressing the things that feel difficult in life but, through the camera, are made possible. The reoccurring themes in my work explore the familial narratives told to me during my life in rural Alabama. The resulting images function as an emotional narrative about memory, family, loss and the often difficult and complex relationships that surround love. Through the use of contemporary and historical photographic processes, moving image, and installation, I create images and environments inspired by my family’s narratives.

The Artist will be presenting a performance the night of the Opening Reception, First Friday, November 4, 2011, from 6-9pm.

We are now accepting volunteers for that performance. If you are interested, please email Jessi Walker at:
To be eligible for consideration as a performer, you will need to be available both evenings:Thursday, Nov. 3 as well as Fri. Nov. 4., we will need to get your clothing size in order to arrange for a costume, and note that performers will be wearing masks. We could also use help assisting the performance (sound, props, etc).

We are also very excited to host Delaware Artist, Diane Almendinger with her intensely beautiful paintings for our One-Year Anniversary Exhibition!
Mark your calendars for the First Friday in December, this is the 2nd day of the month. We are lining up some festive performers as well to celebrate our first birthday!

Our Life Drawing Sessions are back! If you are interested in participating in a self-guided, life drawing session, we meet at the CAC on Tuesday Evenings at 7 pm. The model is provided, however you will need to bring your own mark-making supplies. No registration is needed, it is $8 to drop-in per 2+ hour session. If you are interested in modeling, let us know, we can always use new models.

Make sure you check out our Facebook Page, where we post art happenings and information that will feed your creative brain as well as more photos from our events and exhibitions! (You do not have to be logged in or subscribe to Facebook to view the site)

Stay Well and Be Creative!