Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Forward

Drawing Interest: A Survey of Drawings, Doodles, and Sketches
Quite the project! We were so excited to receive so many submissions from the community and beyond!!! There were submissions from not only Delaware, but Columbus, Normal, IL, and even Australia!! Many of the doodles & drawings came from local students: elementary through college! Artists and non-artists alike willingly contributed as well! We are so glad to have this level of creative participation from the community!
The aspect of the show that I personally enjoyed most was the accumulation of artifacts, not just drawings. There was a sense that each submission was an object that corresponded with a moment in each artist's world, it seemed to
be a collection of twinklings of personal histories.
Stay tuned as we plan to host another show next year with a similar concept of community involvement. The submissions will be available this Saturday 2-7pm for pick up. The entries that were shipped will be returned in the next week.

It was impossible to stop discovering new amazing details throughout the show each time one looked! The images below are some examples of work that received many comments during our gallery hours. There was so much praise for all of the talent in the show and in our community!

This was a collaboration between father and son artists, combining various characters - We Love It!!!

There will be many more photos posted on our Facebook Page!

This weekend (9/30 & 10/1), we are taking time to plan out the next year as well as installing our next big show!! The doors will be open, however, we are in-between shows. You are welcome to stop by and pick up your drawings or even witness the behind the scenes at the CAC. We always welcome volunteers and if you have a project, workshop, or show idea, we would love for you to share it!

Our next show: What Are You Afraid Of?
will be opening next Friday October 7 from 6-9pm.
This exhibition will be featuring a group of artists that work in subject matter that explores the darker side of life and fantasy. The overall theme of the show is Fear! and it might be more of an experience than you expect!!!

Some of the Featured Artists:
David Senecal
Jeff Eden
Janet Grissom
Kristin Drake

We will also be opening our doors on Halloween for a Trick or Treat Special Event of a "Mad Artist Labratory!" in which everyone from the community is invited to tour our Spooked-Up Art Center for a real treat!
Ever wanted to create a Haunted House? We invite YOU to help out on Saturdays in October (2-7pm) in building and painting the sets and decorations for this event. We need your creative input, time, and/or skills to pull this off. We are also accepting donations of materials that can be used for our "Mad Artist Labratory"

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