Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's going on with the new Arts Center?

Everyone has been asking this question lately, so hopefully you will find some answers here. Keep checking in as I will try to keep updates posted regularly.

Note: Our mission statement is found on the sidebar in the "About Me" section.

A little history: The Art Loft, located at 59 Sandusky Street closed its doors in July 2010. Phyllis and Suanne teamed up with another local artist, Jessi (me) and hatched a plan to expand the great things that were happening at the Art Loft and further the focus of serving the creative demands of our community in a non-profit arts center.
Forming a non-profit is not a simple task, but we are making headway! We are hoping to open our doors in the near future at 22 East Winter Street in Delaware next door to the new home of the Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra and The Strand Theater. The space needs a bit of work and thankfully, we have some fabulous board members and friends in the community that are pitching in to help out. And a special thanks to American ArtWorks Foundation for sponsoring our vision!
(email: for more information about helping the cause or making a tax-deductible donation!)

Our Goals:

To inspire people through engaging art experiences which are diverse, accessible, and relevant both locally and globally.

To provide a venue for under-represented, emerging, and recognized artists that challenge artistic traditions, investigate new mediums, and/or approach older concepts with inventive methods.

To enable creativity by offering a range of multi-disciplinary programs and opportunities which encourage self-discovery and innovation.

To establish a dynamic atmosphere which will inspire curiosity, dialogue, collaboration, and experimentation.

To offer support, community, and studio space to local artists.

To generate knowledge and awareness of the arts as a vibrant part of life and culture.

more to come!


  1. Yay! Good luck, guys.....I'll add a link to my site for you!

  2. What a clean palette to begin the creative process. EASILY one can envision the goals.I went by the CAC today,checking in and thought, floor paint! Habitat Restore just reorganized their paint inventory.I'm gonna have a look see. Any bites on a 12' by 14' piece of carpet? I want to help keep the ball rolling.It is just to cool an opportunity. I think about a yoga space,and then think about a space to glaze bowls for fund raising projects. Limitless!