Friday, January 14, 2011

Nicole M. Gibbs Exhibition Installed and Open

Our current exhibition is new work by Nicole M. Gibbs.
Her drawings are created on both rice paper and newsprint using mostly with the moisture that the paper draws from ceramic clay placed on the paper and sometimes clay combined with ink and/or fabric dyes mixed in with the clay. Her interesting and experimental technique results in beautiful and unpredictable compositions that resemble something found on a microscopic slide.

A large, textured piece unexpectedly confronts the viewer in the space suspended from the ceiling and running the length of the 950 sq ft exhibition space. This piece was conceived of and created on-site during the installation week prior to the opening. Below are some photographs taken during that process.

Please join Nicole as she gives a brief artist talk and answers any questions you might have about her work on Thursday, January 20 at 6:30 pm at the City Art Center.

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