Monday, January 17, 2011

Participate in Upcoming Exhibition

The City Art Center invites your participation in an interactive exhibition.
February 4 – 26, 2011,
Opening Reception is Friday, February 4 from 6 - 9pm

The show will be addressing concepts surrounding interaction, correspondence, and exchange with several different, experimental components. CAC is accepting submissions for artwork that reflects this idea of connectivity and also plans to be hosting an artist live via Skype from his studio. There are two portions of this show that individuals can easily become involved in as a participant regardless of their artistic experience or geographic location.

Part 1) CAC is requesting letters to be mailed to the art center that will be read on the opening night of the show. The content of the letters should address an individual, challenging them to perform a creative act. The action can be simple and should be appropriate for all ages as well as not harmful in any way. The letters will be available to the guests on opening night in hopes that your challenge will be attempted. Once the action has been completed, the letter will be displayed and become a part of the exhibition. The directions provided in the letter become a springboard for building interpretations, starting conversations, and enabling creative exchange, which is a central goal of the City Art Center.

Part 2) CAC challenges you to (A or B):
A. Mail in a photograph of what you consider to represent the idea of “stopping to smell the roses”, taking time to make an observation that improves quality of life.

B. Mail in a drawing of someone with whom you like to talk or someone with whom you would like to share a dialogue.

Note: Once received, the entries will become a part of the CAC archives and will not be returned. Entries will be shared at the discretion of the CAC exhibition committee and/or staff. You should indicate your location and tell us a little about yourself in the correspondence.
These entries can be mailed to the address below or delivered in person. There is no entry fee for Part 1 or Part 2. Individuals can participate in both parts as well submit artwork.
For info on art submissions, see the "upcoming opportunities" post on this blog.

Please send your letter or participant submission (no later than January 31, 2011) to:
City Art Center
Attn: Exhibitions
22 E. Winter Street
Delaware, OH 43015

Some further inspiration for this project can be found at the following links: Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher ARTnews You’re Engaged! by Barbara Pollack, January 2011 Issue. “With artists increasingly involving the public in the creation of work, curators and museums have embarked on a quest to define, display, and collect participatory art.” Jon Rubin is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the social dynamics of public places and the idiosyncrasies of individual and group behavior.

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  1. Jessi, this sounds very interesting. I wish I wasn't so darn busy! I keep meaning to get down to see you guys and can't wait to see the new space! I will make a point to get down soon!